Monday, August 25, 2008

"Freedom Is Not Free" - In Commemoration of the Korean War

Korean War - 1952.

Korean War - Crossing the 38th parallel.

Korean War - Chinese Communist fortifications and camouflage used to prevent aerial detection, 1951.

Korean War - US Marines fighting in Seoul, Korea. September 1950.

Korean War - An American mortar crew fires on the North Korean invaders, 1950.

WWII - Marine Catches Some Shut Eye.

WWII - USMC crew of 90mm gun in Solomons during November 1943.

WWII - US Marines Inspecting a Reinforced Cave Entrance.

WWII - US Marines advance through the jungle during the Battle of Bougainville.

WWII - US 37mm Gun Crew in Combat. Notice Bullet Holes in its Armor.

WWII - Taken in 1942, it shows nurses training for Gas Warfare.

WWII - President Franklin Roosevelt Signing the Declaration of War Against Japan on December 8th, 1941.

WWII - American Soldier Injured in the Battle of Guadalcanal.


WWII - Terrible destruction in Ludwigshafen from bombing and shelling.

WWII - Sicily Invasion. Grave of the first American casualty on the beach. Gela, Sicily.

WWI - Ships of the 2nd Battle Squardon of the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet. From left to right, King George V, Thunderer, Monarch, Conqueror.

WWII - Photo of troops passing through Siegfried Line.

WWII - Periscope photo of a torpedoed Japanese destroyer, 1942.

WWII - On February 19th, 1945 United States Marines hit the black sand beaches of Iwo Jima.


WWII - Nanking Massacre by the Japanese.

WWII - Japanese soldier and Japanese tank, both stopped in their tracks on US lines.

WWII - Iwo Jima Flag Raising....'Nuff Said.

WWII - German Border.

WWII - German prisoners of war dig graves for members of the 101st Airborne Division who were killed defending Bastogne against the Germans.

WWII - Fallen comrade, USMC.

WWII - Classic photo of a US soldier pausing for a break while sitting on an unexploded 16-in naval shell at Saipan, 1944.

WWII - Casualities lying on stretchers aboard a lighter. Munda Point, New Georgia, SW Pacific.

WWII - Battle of the Bulge

WWII - Battle of the Bulge

WWII - Battle of the Bulge. Tank in Central Europe, 1945.

WWII - Battle of the Bulge. Tank at night.

WWII - Battle of the Bulge. Soldiers opening their Christmas packages.

WWII - Children in a bomb shelter in Britain, 1941.

Wanted Murderer of Lincoln poster

Surrender of General Lee

General Lee's Farawel Order

American Civil War - Picture of a Soldier Who Fell on the Battlefield of Gettysburg

Gettysburg Address in President Lincoln's Handwriting

Lincoln Elected!